Apr 1, 2019 3:00:44 AM Derek Kern

If you own a laser cutter you have probably dealt with the issue of blow-outs when piercing certain materials. Although these blemishes are most common for metal cutting customers, they can also appear when processing materials such as thick acrylics or any substrate where this blemish is visually unappealing. To correct this problem the cut path is modified, moving the pierce point to a more desirable location. When considering an interior cut profile, such as a hole or slot, the pierce point is typically moved to the center of the cut-out/slug. To achieve this a simple lead-in line segment is created so that the pierce point is set away from the cut profiles edge.

example image showing a circle cut with no lead-in vs. with a lead-in image showing comparison between straight lead-in 5mm mild steel vs. curved lead-in 2mm stainless steel

Previously, our customers had two options for adding lead-ins, manual insertion or automatic CAD generation.

Manual insertion can be tedious and extremely time consuming. For example, if a customer provides a file with hundreds or thousands of parts, the better part of a day could be consumed by manually adding lead-ins.

Advanced CAD software’s capable of adding lead-ins may cost thousands of dollars and are typically filled with additional features that the customer would never use. There is also the inconvenience of bringing the CorelDRAW file into a CAD software to create the lead-ins. Then the updated file would need to be exported and re-imported back into CorelDRAW.

Kern is happy to offer a simple solution to these problems. Lead-In Pro is an add-on software for CorelDRAW which automatically inserts lead-ins to cut profiles. Lead-In Pro allows users to customize the size, shape (curved or straight) and position (inside or outside) of the desired lead-in. The lead-in can then be applied to the file based on a hairline color, current selection or to all shapes.

Lead-In Pro is economically priced allowing users to recoup their cost by eliminating hours of prep time. Download a free 7 day trial of Lead-In Pro at www.laserlocker.com.