Jun 21, 2019 2:00:09 PM Adam Voigt

How to Create a Mixed Media Gift Using a Laser

SBC Laser _Kern laser build

How do you say “Thank You” to an outstanding client or customer? Nick Caito of SBC Laser demonstrates his take on adding a personalized touch to a unique gift. In this Platinum Partner build, Caito mixes steel, acrylic, and brass with a combination of laser cutting and engraving with his Kern 400W HSE laser system.


• 18 ga mild steel
• 1/4" acrylic (clear and black)
• .020" brushed brass (used here is from Rowmark)
• Brass acorn nuts, washers, and bolts
• Blackening chemical


• 18 ga Mild Steel
Speed: 2"/sec
Power: 90%
Frequency: 600Hz
Assist Gas: Oxygen (100psi)
• Acrylic Etching
Speed: 80"/sec
Power: 25%
DPI: 300
Assist Gas: Compressed Air (20psi)
• Acrylic Cutting:
Speed: .5"/sec
Power: 30%
Assist Gas: Compressed Air (5psi)

Laser Cut metal Kern laser_SBC Laser

STEP 1: Set Parameters and Cut Mild Steel:

When cutting metal, laser focus is an important aspect. As the mild steel is cut, it heats up and tends to move around. If using a Kern (like we did for this project), the automatic height follower maintains a consistent focus point over the entire sheet.

STEP 2: Form Metal:

This custom cage and base are bent using a folding table. No welding was required.

Laser Cut and Engraved Acrylic Kern Lasers

STEP 3: Cut and Engrave Acrylic:

Lasers are popular tools when processing acrylic.

STEP 4: Blacken Steel:

A chemical process used applied to the steel, giving it a blackened look.

SBC Laser

STEP 5: Assemble:

The only fasteners used on this project are decorative brass acorn cap nuts.

Thank you SBC Laser for sharing your build with us, and allowing us into your shop.

For questions about this build, please email info@kernlasers.com